Policy makers

Policy makers benefit most from information about new approaches for diagnosis and treatment, and by understanding the landscape and opportunity for growth and investment. In particular, in order to support the tenets of the IMI vision to support the development of ‘new therapies for diseases for which there is a high unmet need’, to ‘reduce the time to reach clinical proof of concept in medicine development’, to ‘increase the success rate in clinical trials’ and concomitantly reduce failure rates, this community needs a broad perspective.

Understanding of the disease in context is an important prerequisite to define these opportunities, and disease models, which incorporate the current knowledge, and can reveal important information about the status of understanding of the disease. Questions like 'which targets are of interest', 'which biomarkers indicate the development and progression of the diseases' are guiding criteria for research budgets. Finally, the availability of clinical and patient data sets are important facets and preconditions for many research projects and funding initiatives. In addition, one guiding principal of the AETIONOMY project has been to follow the F.A.I.R principals (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) of data management so that our platform becomes the basis for the construction of future projects – it is critical that policy makers understand these incremental benefits of future investment in the landscape and learn to take advantage of past investment.

From this perspective, we addressed mainly the following topics for this user group: