Mechanistic disease hypotheses

The proposal of new taxonomies for the neurodegenerative diseases Alzheimer’s (AD) and Parkinson’s diseases (PD) based on pathophysiological mechanisms. Addressing these challenges the following activities are realized:

  • Construction of a knowledge database with AD and PD data and disease models incl. genes, proteins, SNPs, pathways, and causal chains (mechanisms),
  • Selection of candidate mechanisms, and
  • Collection of clinical data and biological samples to validate candidate mechanisms.

AETIONOMY used information retrieval and data mining to generate hypotheses (candidate mechanisms for both diseases AD/PD) based on the AETIONOMY knowledge database. Additionally analyses obtained by our clinical partners “Biological pre-validation in existing cohorts” confirmed several biological pathways involved in the pathogenesis of the diseases AD/PD and delivered certain mechanisms, which include involved pathways and biomarkers . Both activities - in-silico and clinical research - resulted in 7 mechanisms, which have been selected for validation in the AETIONOMY clinical study:

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